About Me

Gianna and wife Jen
Here’s my “elevator speech”

User Experience (UX) and usability expert by day, product reviewer by night. I help companies make great products that delight customers.

User Experience (UX) design is all about a customer’s overall experience with a product. It’s a rapidly growing field and I’m right in the midst of it, which I love. Seeing a product from the customers’ eyes, trying different use cases, and offering practical feedback comes so naturally to me, that I started reviewing products for companies as a hobby.

As a result, I’m happy to apply my professional knowledge when providing constructive feedback or reviews on consumer products, especially household gadgets, personal technology, beauty products, toys for boys & girls ages 8-14, or plus size women’s fashion. I regularly share my honest experiences on social media channels like this blog, my dedicated Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Two awesome kiddos
My personal life

I have an amazing family: I’ve been with my darling wife since 2001, married since 2014. I have two awesome children, and I live in a rural community on top of a hill. We’re homebodies but we love travelling, learning new things, trying new food, and building things. Many times I volunteer my family to try out new products in order to get their feedback, and they’ve all turned into very fine usability testers.