Psychedelic Rainbow Keyboard

The SADES keyboard shown next to the HP keyboard I’ve been using for the last several years.

In my ever-continuous quest to liven up my daytime working environment, I took the opportunity to try out the SADES K7 Gamer Keyboard. I’d never had a gamer keyboard before but I was attracted to the overall sex appeal of this one, which was so different from the standard-issue HP keyboard I’d been using so far.

I’ve been told by others that I am an, uh, aggressive typist. Keyboards designed for gamers are engineered to take more abuse and as a result they are significantly more costly. This one has a slightly different Enter key configuration which tripped me up a bit until I got used to it.

The rainbow lights illuminate the keys from behind.

The keys on this keyboard give a good, satisfying muted click when I pound them down. The bottom is a grippy rubber that keeps it from skidding across my desk no matter how heated my Facebook conversations get. You can adjust the brightness of the rainbow lights to three levels of intensity, or a “breathing” effect. The colors cannot be changed or moved around.

This is the first time I’ve had “media” keys across the top of the keyboard, and I’ve been enjoying having quick access to frequently used applications like email and a web browser.

It definitely catches the eye in my sterile office. In fact, my coworker saw it and compared to “something you might see in a 1970’s p***y wagon”. On days that I’m not feeling like p***y wagon material, I can turn the lights completely off — but then it makes it difficult to see the letters, because the light doesn’t illuminate the keys.

[DISCLOSURE: I received this product at a substantial discount, but the opinions I’ve shared here are my own.]

Gianna Pfister-LaPin

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