The continuing RFID saga…

I keep hoping that someday I will find a wallet that truly blocks RFID signals. Many sellers claim that their products block RFID, but when I stick my access card inside and try to scan it at my office, it still scans. Oh, the sellers then say — it doesn’t block THAT kind of RFID.

The average consumer doesn’t understand the different kinds of RFID out there and as a result, they see “RFID blocking wallet” and they buy it, stick their cards or passport inside, and feel safer. As I’ve explained in my previous post about RFID, the kind of signal these wallets block do happen to be the ones that can be read at more of a distance, and therefore you should be more concerned about it. My point is that these product manufacturers are being misleading by not differentiating what kind of RFID signals their products actually block.

There ARE products on the market that block all RFID signals, but you have too do your homework and find one that can be independently verified. And be prepared to pay a little bit more than you would otherwise.

The latest product that prompted this entry was the Travel Document Organizer by SecureDox. It’s actually a very well-designed security pouch intended to be worn under the shirt an serve as a safe place for your money and credit cards. It does that fairly well, and it does block RFID signals from contactless credit cards and NFC tags (I verified this myself). It does fail the access badge test, unfortunately.

Gianna Pfister-LaPin

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