Tri-fold Illuminated Makeup Mirror

You can control the brightness of the mirror by long-pressing this button

Many times I test makeup products in the evening when the light isn’t great in my house, so this little LED lighted tri-fold mirror by Ovonni comes in very handy. It’s eight LED lights are neutral in tone, unlike the warm-toned CFLs in my house that cast a yellow haze over everything (yet another reason why I try to take pictures in natural light as much as possible).

It’s fun, it reminds me of a mirror that you’d see a movie star use, except in miniature. It’s a good size to put in your lap or stand on the table in front of you. It’s kind of awkward to hold when you’re trying to take a selfie to show off your new eyeshadow; illuminated selfie lights seem to be a better option for that.

This button turns the mirror all the way off (to avoid accidental illumination when closed)

The LED lights are adjustable in brightness, but I found that really only the brightest setting is enough to truly illuminate my face in the evening. It folds up flat for storage. It’s a little big when closed, bigger than a large eyeshadow compact, so it’s probably not something I’d carry with me in a purse. If I were traveling, and I needed to do my makeup away from a mirror, I could definitely see it coming in handy.

I am not entirely thrilled by the heart shapes on the LED lights, it feels a little hokey to me. However, this mirror has proved so handy that I’m more than willing to overlook that cosmetic irritation.

[DISCLOSURE: I received this product at a substantial discount, but the opinions I’ve shared here are my own.]

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